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 videographer for an online courseThe Challenge

The certified and acclaimed Facebook ads expert Max Sadik and award-winning photographer Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead wanted to create an online course to teach wedding and elopement photographers how to run their own Facebook Ads and in turn, increase their bookings and raise their prices. Hiring a videographer for an online course helped them get it done swiftly and professionally.

Our Solution


After the initial consult call, the planning began. We dived in with a storyboarding meeting where we ironed out the best aesthetic presentation for each of the lessons. We decided the aesthetic should be bright and clean like a typical learning environment but more of a comfortable “at home” feel. With this in mind, we booked an Airbnb in California with big white walls, lots of natural light, and a sophisticated-yet-homey vibe for five days. Maddie and Max created the curriculum together through a series of meetings and decided on 14 total videos with three promo videos, adding up to 17 videos total. With the length of these videos being between 45 minutes to one hour each, we allotted four full days to film the course.


We chose a big, bright room in the house with aesthetically pleasing shelves and white walls for the set. We set up three different angles to cut seamlessly between the wide shot of both of them to close up shots of each of them. In addition, we used multiple lights set to daylight temperature to achieve the bright, natural aesthetic that they were going for. We also used two different forms of microphones to ensure back up audio in case one of them failed. We directed, coached, and filmed four videos each day and six videos on the last day until filming was complete! We made sure to keep Maddie and Max on track, encouraged, and enthusiastic.


Post-production for a videographer for an online course means tackling several things. We created an animated logo and intro and outro graphics as well as other helpful graphics to each video. We color graded, sound designed and polished the videos to all have a consistent aesthetic and tone. Maddie and Max then did screen recordings with voice overs to show how to set up your own Facebook ads and we edited over 40 screen recording videos together as well. After a few small edits, the course was finalized and launched!


The Results

They were thrilled with how the online course videos turned out. The launch was very successful overall. The pair immediately made back all the money they invested on the videographer for an online course and the other course expenditures in the first week and our clients have enjoyed passive recurring revenue ever since. 

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