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Connecting Doctors and Patients Through the Power of Medical Videos.

In the medical field, trust is everything. Video is the perfect medium to put human faces to your practice, tell your story, and create a sense of trust. We’ve created medical videos for many purposes including patient education videos, medical teaching videos, and medical information videos. Let us know how we can help you!

Why Hire a Denver

Video production company?

Creating medical videos is a great way to build awareness for your practice while also forging a more personal connection with your patients. Whatever your goals are, our passionate videographers have the experience and skill to help.

Here are the most popular medical videos we create that our clients love.

  • Medical Introduction Videos
  • Patient Before and After Instructional Care
  • Medical Education Videos for Patients
  • Medical Testimonial Videos
  • Medical Procedure Training Videos
  • Patient Information Videos

introduction Videos

An introduction video is a 1-3 minute video that introduces your practice to the world–what does your practice specialize in?  Who is on your staff? What problems can you solve for your patients? This is where you pull back the curtain behind your practice and give your audience a front-row seat to how things are done. More importantly, it puts faces to your practice and adds an entirely new level of human connection and trust.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos could not be more important in the medical field. Your patients are putting their bodies in your hands and want to know that past patients have had a good experience. Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to build trust.

Instructional Care

Do you find yourself saying the exact same things to your patients day in and day out? Do your patients not read the 16-page instructional packet you gave them and instead call the office three times a day? Patient education videos for pre and post-operation are the perfect solution.

Training Videos

Medical teaching videos are an easy way to teach your staff something as technical as a new device roll out or as simple as the values of the practice. Use a medical procedure training video to save time while maintaining high-quality training.

Personable & Professional

Medical Videos

We’re Denver Videographers that love filming medical videos

Ensuring your medical videos look and feel professional is a great way to assure your patients of your credibility and expertise. However, you don’t need to hire a big Denver production company to get the quality you want. Our Denver-based videographers have a lot of experience in creating medical videos for medical professionals. (Not in Denver? We will travel too!)

Check out more of our work and reach out if we can help!

In Their Own Words

"I'm an online educator for photographers and hired Jill to film the biggest online course I've ever made (for adventure wedding photographers). This course was 19 film days, in 4 states, over 10 months. Many of these days were 12-16 hours long... starting before dark, staying out late after dark, hiking up a mountain and shooting in the rain. There are very few videographers who could have even handled the logistics in shooting in these environments, much less handling it with such positivity, encouraging energy, and high production quality. Jill is insanely talented and cares so much about the quality of what she's producing and the immense effort she put into this course truly made it a level above anything I could have imagined. I've worked with other videographers before in the past to create courses and the quality of what Jill has made is 10x better than anything I've seen before.


You could go the cheap route or you could go the route of a big production company- but neither of them will put in the time and care and attention to detail that Jill does. Hire her!"


- Maddie Mae, Adventure Instead Academy

"Having One Forty Films create a video about my private practice was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend her to anyone. She was professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process, but what really sets Jill apart as a videographer is her fantastic eye for capturing the images to tell my business’ story. I’m blown away by how she was able to take the footage that we filmed in a few hours and create a high quality video that captures the heart of my business in a way that I never could express with just website text. I know the final product is going to be a powerful marketing tool on my business website!"

"Jill is amazing to work with. She's easygoing, creative, and hardworking...which results in beautiful work! We always look forward to seeing what she delivers for us."


- Studio 10 Interior Design

"The team is very creative and professional. They let you tell your story and then present it video! It’s pretty amazing!! Jill made the process super easy and fun!"


- Amber Mustain Floral Design

"We hired Jill for our course The Art of Adventure Weddings and Elopements.

To film this course, Jill and her team went with us to 4 different states, filmed 5 different shoots, and also filmed in-studio sessions.

We had to hike up the mountain, photographed at early hours as well as stayed out late. We dealt with weather no one could have expected.

The whole time, Jill gave us constant support and feedback. She didn't have to but she did. She did it all because she cares.

You can hire someone to get the job done but you can never pay someone enough to care. And I can guarantee that you will get this from Jill and her team.

Jill, I am beyond grateful for the time we have together. This is not goodbye. I know who to call for my future courses. Thank you so much!"

— Henry Tieu, Henry Tieu Photography


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