The Art of Adventure Weddings

The Art of Creating the Biggest & Most Expansive Wedding Industry Online Course

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The Challenge

Award-winning elopement photographers Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead and Henry Tieu of Henry Tieu Photography decided to join forces to create the biggest, most expansive wedding industry online course to date. Their ultimate goal was to create a course that taught photographers anything and everything about being an adventure elopement photographer. It was a huge project, and they came to us for help on tackling it.

The Solution

All in all, the wedding industry online course project spanned over a year. It took 19 10-hour shoot days in four different states and over 750 hours of editing to create 44 videos in total. While it was a massive undertaking, it was a challenge we were excited to take on!


Maddie and Henry spent weeks together brainstorming what topics would be best to teach and worked together to write out the scripts for each studio video. At this stage, we guided them through the expectations, deadlines, and logistics of the project.


We began filming by tackling five documentary-style mock elopements across the US. During these shoots, we followed Maddie and Henry around as they showed what a real elopement day looked like. Our run-and-gun capabilities were a vital asset to filming full elopement days, which often had us waking up at 4 am, hiking several miles before sunrise (with all of our gear), filming in the rain, on a kayak, and even a hot air balloon. Our longest shoot day lasted 17 hours!

Then, we moved on to studio shoots. This was where Maddie and Henry taught to camera everything they’ve learned over the years. To cultivate the moody atmosphere they were aiming for, we set up the studio with dark walls and low-key lighting, including warm practical lamps in the background to add a nice contrast. We set up three camera angles and a teleprompter. In addition, our team assisted in coaching Maddie and Henry through the motions as well—speaking to a camera can be a vulnerable experience!


Editing a wedding industry online course of this scale was no small feat. We edited five 1-2 hour documentary style films for each of the mock elopements. In addition, we edited twenty-six 45 minute- 1.5 hour long teaching videos with graphics, seven 45 min- 1.5 hour long videos (including studio teaching and behind the scenes footage), and six screen recording videos of them teaching while editing photos. Lastly, we color graded, sound designed and polished the videos to all have a cohesive aesthetic and tone.

The Results

On just launch week alone, 428 students bought the course at almost $3k a head, making it a 7-figure launch and the single highest grossing wedding industry online course launch week. And that was just the launch! This course will only continue to bring in passive income for Maddie and Henry for years to come. Although it was a ton of work and money on the front end for Maddie and Henry, that 900% and growing ROI was definitely worth it.

I’m an online educator for photographers and hired Jill to film the biggest online course I’ve ever made (for adventure wedding photographers). This course was 19 film days, in 4 states, over 10 months. Many of these days were 12-16 hours long… starting early, before dark, staying out late, after dark, hiking up a mountain and shooting in the rain. There are very few videographers who could have even handled the logistics in shooting in these environments, much less handling it with such positivity, encouraging energy, and high production quality. Jill is insanely talented and cares so much about the quality of what she’s producing and the immense effort she put into this course truly made it a level above anything I could have imagined. I’ve worked with other videographers in the past to create courses and the quality of what Jill has made is 10x better than anything I’ve ever seen before. You could go the cheap route or you could go the route of a big production company, but neither of them will put in the time and care and attention to detail that Jill does. Hire her!

Maddie Mae

Adventure Instead

We hired Jill for our course The Art of Adventure Weddings and Elopements. To film this course, Jill and her team go with us to 4 different states, filmed 5 different shoots, and also do in-studio sessions. We had to hike up the mountain, photographed at the earl hours as well as stay out late. We dealt with weather that no one could have expected. The whole time, Jill and her team gave us constant support and feedback. She didn’t have to, but she did it all because she cares. You can hire someone to get the job done but you can never pay someone enough to care. And I can guarantee that you will get this from Jill and her team. Jill, I am beyond grateful for the time we have together. This is not goodbye, I now who to call for my future courses. Thank you so so much.

Henry Tieu

Henry Tieu Photography

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