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The Challenge

This project was to create videos for online courses for mediation expert Molly Woodhull. Woodhull Wellness is a business that brings accessible and real mindfulness and compassion-based online meditation tools to employees, companies, and individuals around the world. Her goal was to create an online course in order to scale her business. Instead of being restricted by their schedule, they wanted to sell this online course to companies all over the world and multiply their income over and over again.

Before coming to One Forty Films, she tried working with another videographer to film videos for online courses—but it wasn’t a good fit. He didn’t make her feel super comfortable on camera and didn’t have the eye for a nice, clear composition. Molly then found One Forty Films through a referral, and after an initial consultation call, we both knew we had what it took to create an amazing online course for her.

The Solution


We jumped right into a storyboarding meeting where we worked through what would be the best aesthetic presentation for each of her lessons. We decided that our biggest goal was to create online course videos that had a modern, light, airy, and peaceful feel without being filmed in a completely white space. We chose a local studio in Denver that had huge windows and let in lots of natural light, but also had a modern feel with leather couches, brick, and plants. We agreed on her wearing mostly white outfits for each video to match her brand aesthetic. Videos for online courses should also be an extension of your brand.

 In Molly’s case, she had already had a curriculum written out since she had been teaching these lessons in person for years. All we had to do was write a welcome video, a what to expect video, and an outro video. Molly also added on a promo video to market her course online. In total, we had 16 videos on the books!


On filming day, we set up two different angles to seamlessly cut out any mistakes. We set up multiple lights to really get that bright, warm aesthetic she was after, and we had Molly changing outfits for each video so that it felt like a new day every time someone would watch each respective video. We loaded her script into the teleprompter and she was off! It only took us one full day to film her whole course.


This is where the fine-tuning began! We added intro and outro graphics, calm meditation music, and other helpful graphics to each video. We also color graded, sound designed, and polished the videos to all have a cohesive aesthetic and tone. After making a few minor revisions, it was ready to go (and only one month after filming!).

The Results

We sent Molly all the course videos only one month after the film date and she was absolutely blown away. After launching the videos for online courses, Molly had a few glowing words to say about the ROI Woodhull Wellness received thanks to our work:

We have had hundreds and hundreds of students view the course and we have made thousands and thousands of dollars, at least 40k within the first few months. I chose One Forty Films because someone I trusted referred them and I loved their brand, that they are female, and that they had experience filming online courses. Working with One Forty Films was clear, concise and easy, I really enjoyed the whole process. I would definitely recommend them to other course creators and already have! I loved working with One Forty Films and am already planning to hire them for my next online course!

Molly Woodhull

Woodhull Wellness

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