3 Reasons Why Investing in Promotional Material is Key to a Successful Online Course

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Online Courses

So—you and your online course videographer have worked day and night to create an online course for your brand, and you’re ready to launch. Congratulations! You’ve put in the hard work, and now it’s time to share it with the world.

To ensure your online course reaches the people that you want it to and that you get the best ROI possible (as well as the best reviews possible!), it’s crucial that you create promotional materials, too. After all, for people to participate in your online course, they have know it exists in the first place!

Our team here at One Forty Films has specialized in course creation for years and at this point, we’ve got this down to a science. Here’s the low-down on why promotional material is so important.

It Helps You Reach Your Target Audience

Regardless of how well your online courses have done in the past, your new course won’t sell itself! It’s important to put a bit of elbow grease into creating a promotional campaign to help reach your target audience and drive conversions. Whether you decide to use email marketing, video marketing, or another strategy all together, one thing is for sure: it’s important to work with your marketing team and business videographer to develop a custom strategy filled with beautiful, on-brand content that gets the word out about your new online course.

Not sure where to start? These guides have some great tips for businesses of all kinds:

It’ll Do Wonders for Creating Brand Awareness

Investing time and energy into creating promotional materials is critical to stimulating brand awareness for business. The Forbes article, To Convert More Customers, Focus on Brand Awareness, dives into the nitty gritty of how important cultivating brand awareness to cultivating conversions: “When it comes to purchasing decisions, studies show that the brands consumers recognize most are more likely to be included in their considerations. In fact, 75% of shoppers said that they are more likely to purchase from a company that they know.”

Translation? Promotional materials are instrumental in creating brand awareness for your business and can help bring attention to your online course and your business. This can be especially useful when launching a new product or service because it helps establish an identity and makes it easier for potential customers to understand your company—including who you are, what you offer, and how your services or product can benefit them.

It Will Help Establish Credibility

Finally, investing in promotional materials strengthens credibility for your business by showing potential customers that you are serious about delivering quality products or services. High-quality promotional materials illustrate that you have invested both time and money into ensuring that what you offer meets high standards of excellence, which builds trust among potential customers and encourages them to make a purchase or sign up for your online course.

The Big Takeaway

Investing in promotional materials is a great way to ensure that your online course reaches its target audience and beyond! These marketing materials help create brand awareness, establish credibility, and encourage people to take advantage of all the hard work that has gone into developing a quality product or service like yours. If you want to make sure that your online course launch is successful, then investing in high-quality promotional collateral is worth considering.

Video content is a super useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about a product. According to WYZOwl, 94 percent of marketers claim that using video content has helped boost customer understanding of a product or service. If you’re dead set on filming an online course, course creation, or are looking for an experienced online course videographer to work with to take your promotional materials to the next level, rest assured that One Forty Films can help. Our skilled team of videographers have ample experience in delivering business videos, online courses, medical videos, and more. Reach out to us here if you want to work together on your business’ next video project!

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