How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Online Course

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Online Courses

Making the decision to build an online course is a big deal. You’re igniting your ability to leverage your skills and experience to make passive income for years to come. Following through on this idea and finding an online course videographer finalize your product is another huge step. Where do you go from there? What is the best way to promote your course to the audience most likely to purchase it?

Here at One Forty Films, we’ve produced dozens of online courses and had the pleasure to watch them become a huge success. A major catalyst for that success is developing a marketing strategy for your online course. More often than not, social media proves to be a powerful tool in making an impact for both your course, and your brand as a whole. Below are three ways to use social media to promote your online course.

Facebook Paid Ads

More than likely you already have a Facebook business page, so now it’s time to start buying ad space! After logging into your Facebook Meta Business suite, click the “all tools” tab on the lefthand side. Under advertise, click “Ads Manager.” This will be where all your paid ads are managed. This part of Facebook Business is a whole realm in itself, so check out this page if you want to learn how to properly build a Facebook campaign.

With paid ads, you’re able to extend your reach to high-quality users that are likely to buy your course but are not likely to search it out. Ask your online course videographer for advice on the best clips from your course to use for your ads and make sure to adjust the “interests” of your targeting located under “detailed targeting.”

Get a Clearer Picture of Your Target Audience & Increase Budget

When you create a new campaign for your course on Facebook, make sure to focus on what you’re targeting specifically. Review the custom audiences you create or interests you use and start to look for patterns in your highest-performing campaigns. Once you have a good idea of these high-quality audiences and interests, you can build your future campaigns with more intent and direction. When you’re sure these ads are making the desired impact, you can increase budget! Social media ads are a pay-to-play structure, so the more you bid, the larger your reach.

Share Testimonials from Your Students

After you start gaining traction with your course creation, try following up with students that have completed your course and ask for testimonials. These can easily be promoted as a Facebook post or added to a video, which will help authenticate and strengthen the quality of your post.

According to BigCommerce, 92% of users read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. This really drives home the importance of highlighting positive customer experiences. Hiring an online course videographer to create a piece of video marketing that overlays text testimonials is a great way to make an impactful first impression for potential clients.

Course Creation with an Online Course Videographer

One Forty Films provides ad-ready video material, so make sure to voice your future advertising plans to our online course videographer. That way, we have a better idea of the final products you will need, decreasing our turnaround time and increasing ability to reach a larger audience.

Creating a video course takes a lot of hard work, but with One Forty Films, you can be confident you have a competent and experienced online course videographer in your corner. Make sure to reach out to us for your next project!

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