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by | Mar 8, 2023 | Online Courses

When creating an online course, the professional video services that you use can spell the difference between success and failure. If the person filming your course doesn’t have the proper expertise and experience, your perfect idea could flounder before it takes flight. And even if you are already comfortable behind the camera, like award-winning photographers Maddie Mae and Henry Tieu, creating an engaging online course requires more than an eye for capturing the moment.

When Maddie and Henry set out to create their online course The Art of Adventure Weddings & Elopements, they knew that they needed a videographer who could rise to the occasion. They needed someone who was dedicated to producing quality content and could handle whatever was thrown at them. They needed One Forty Films.

Filming an Online Course Requires More Than a Videographer

Over the course of ten months, Jill from One Forty Films traveled to four states with Maddie and Henry. They spent 19 days filming, many of which lasted upwards of 15 hours, and their adventures took them from the sea to the sky. Jill boarded a canoe, rode in a hot air balloon, and battled the elements while expertly filming it all.

“There are very few videographers who could have even handled the logistics in shooting in these environments, much less handling it with such positivity, encouraging energy, and high production quality.”

 – Maddie Mae, Adventure Instead

More than a videographer, Jill is a visionary who can take an idea, roll with the punches, and produce content that is of the highest possible quality. The value that she added to Maddie and Henry’s project went beyond setting up cameras and hitting “record.” She spoke her mind with honesty and kindness, providing helpful insights that improved the overall quality of the online course.

Jill also brought creativity to the project with atmospheric studio filming that captured a moody yet inviting aesthetic. Her post-production ideas for overlaying behind-the-scenes footage and diagrams helped foster a visual and engaging learning experience. This attention to detail has helped many of the students maintain focus and contributed to the overwhelming success of the project.

Professional Video Services for Your Online Course

To create a successful online course, the professional video services that you need include more than just directing, filming, and editing. You need someone who understands your vision and has the fortitude to bring it to life, no matter how difficult the path may be. To truly obtain a successful video for your online course, you will need soft skills like flexibility, patience, and understanding. But mostly, you will need someone who cares.

“You can hire someone to get the job done but you can never pay someone enough to care. And I can guarantee that you will get this from Jill and her team.”

– Henry Tieu, Henry Tieu Photography

With the help of One Forty Films, Maddie and Henry’s project became an instant success. When The Art of Adventure Weddings & Elopements was released, it experienced the biggest 1-week launch in the history of online courses for the wedding photography industry. The success of the video hasn’t stopped, and it continues to bring passive income for Maddie and Henry.

The potential for your online course is only limited by how you bring it to life, and the professional video services provided by One Forty Films can help your idea shine. If you are ready to put your ideas in motion, we’d love to talk. Get in touch for a free intro and consult call.

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