How Corporate Videography Can Strengthen Your D&I Initiatives

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Business Videography

Corporate videography is one of the best ways to show the world what your business is all about. In fact, in the past few years, many organizations have leveraged its power to help cement themselves as a diverse, inclusive workplace.

A Push Towards Diversity and Inclusion

New studies have shown that businesses that have implemented a robust diversity and inclusion culture and plan into their organizations find and nurture the best talent, boost employee innovation and creativity, draw in new customers, and prompt customers to purchase their products or use their services. Not only that, but there’s the simple fact that when your employees are immersed in a culture founded upon trust, transparency, and equality, the higher your chances are for leading a successful, profitable organization.  

How can Corporate Videography Help Strengthen D&I Initiatives?

Showing is far more powerful than telling. Thus, videography is a great way to show the progress your organization has made regarding D&I. When done correctly, corporate videography can show audiences your brand’s values, help stimulate a stronger workplace culture, and attract new audiences and customers to your brand.

Did you know that 70% of Gen Z and millennials are more likely to support a brand that is committed to diversity and inclusion? Brands that actively and authentically engage in multicultural advertising experience a whopping 60% higher retention rate among these consumers.

Tips When Creating Inclusive Corporate Videos

As seasoned Denver corporate videographers, we understand that any video project–whether it’s a training video, an advertisement, an online course, or a website video–can be tricky to coordinate, produce, and edit. Here are a few tips we always implement when our clients want to use corporate videography to show their commitment to D&I:

  • Make sure your video includes actors and actresses from all walks of life. That means different ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities. This sends a powerful message to your audience, showing them that your brand values D&I without necessarily saying anything.
  • Review your script thoroughly, keeping an eye out for any stereotypes or biases.
  • Consult with individuals and organizations from diverse communities so you can ensure that your video is an authentic, respectful portrayal of their perspectives and experiences. This is key because it shows that your brand is interested in including and amplifying diverse voices instead of speaking for or over them.
  • Take the extra step to include closed captions, audio descriptions, and translations. Accessibility is paramount to getting more eyes and ears listening in on your video.

Keep in mind that every video project is different and may need to incorporate some other factors to make the desired impact. If you’re not confident in your team’s skills when it comes to tackling a corporate videography project, make sure to contact a professional. Working with a trusted Denver corporate videographer can give you some serious peace of mind because you can rest assured they have the tools and experience needed to properly convey your message.

Examples of Inclusive Corporate Videography

Many companies have embraced diversity and inclusivity and have shown it brilliantly through corporate videography. For example, Proctor & Gamble’s “The Talk” video series explored the conversations that Black parents have with their children about racism and bias, raising awareness and starting conversations. Coca-Cola’s “Taste the Feeling” video campaign featured people from different cultures, ages, and genders enjoying their products. Microsoft’s “We All Win” Superbowl Ad highlighted the importance of accessible gaming for people with disabilities, encouraging empathy and inclusive design. The list goes on!

Quality Corporate Videography Can Pack a Major Punch

When it comes to producing corporate videos, representation, diversity, and inclusivity should be among your top priorities. By doing so, you expand your audience, create a positive image for your company, and establish a relationship with your stakeholders based on shared values and priorities.

If you want to leave your next corporate videography project to the professionals, our team here at One Forty Films would be happy to help!

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