Our Top Strategies for Capturing Crystal Clear Sound Quality in Online Course Videos

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Online Courses

Whether you’re filming a business video or an online course, there’s one thing that we know for sure: audio quality will make or break its success. After all, for your target audience to soak in all the information you’re providing, crystal clear sound quality is a must.

In this post, we’ll explore effective strategies and techniques that will help you achieve top-notch audio recordings in your online course videos, allowing your business’ voice to resonate and your content to shine.

Get Your Hands on a Quality Microphone

When it comes to capturing high-quality audio when filming a business video, investing in a good microphone is a game-changer. Consider a dedicated external microphone that suits your needs, such as a USB microphone or a lavalier microphone. These options offer brilliant sound reproduction, minimize background noise, and provide greater control over your audio recording.

Choose the Right Recording Environment

Creating an optimal recording environment is essential for sound quality. Choose a quiet space with minimal background noise. Avoid areas with echoes, like empty rooms, and opt for a room with carpeting or soft furnishings instead. We’re also big fans of using soundproofing materials or blankets to minimize external noise interference when needed.

Use a Pop Filter or Windscreen:

To eliminate plosive sounds (like “p” and “b” sounds) and reduce wind noise, use a pop filter or windscreen. These simple accessories attach to your microphone and act as a barrier, diffusing the airflow and preventing harsh bursts of air from distorting your audio.

Be Mindful with Where You’re Placing Your Mic’s

Proper microphone placement is paramount if you want to have clear audio quality. Maintain a consistent distance between your mouth and the microphone, typically around 6-12 inches. Experiment with angles and positions to find the sweet spot that optimizes sound quality and minimizes background noise. Speaking of background noise…

Do Your Best to Minimize Background Noise

Nothing mars an online course experience quite like hearing unwanted background noise. Take steps to minimize this by turning off appliances, fans, and any other sources of noise in your recording environment. If there are persistent noises–like trains and cars rolling by– try using a noise reduction plugin or software during the editing process to strengthen sound quality while filming a business video or online course.

Be Vigilant About Monitoring Audio Levels

Before recording, check your audio levels to ensure they’re not too high or too low. Adjust the gain or volume settings on your microphone or recording device accordingly. Additionally, wear headphones to monitor the audio as filming is happening. This allows you to catch any glaring audio issues in real time, such as distortion or low volume.

Fine Tune Everything in Post-Production

Once you’ve captured your audio, use post-production editing techniques to fine-tune the sound and ensure it sounds amazing while also properly lining up with your footage. This includes adjusting volume levels, removing any unwanted background noise or hiss, and applying equalization to enhance clarity. We strongly recommend using Adobe Premiere Pro to make this happen; it has been the film industry standard for both audio and video editing for years!

Working With a Videographer Makes It All So Much Simpler

High-quality sound is the key to delivering an engaging and immersive learning experience when filming a business video or your online courses. To create this auditory experience for your target audience, it’s important to closely follow the steps outlined in this post. However, if you and your team don’t have experience working with Premiere Pro, don’t have the necessary equipment, or are simply overwhelmed by the entire process, rest assured that you have other options. At One Forty Films, we help our clients with every aspect of their online course production experience—from scripting to audio editing and post-production. Tackling an online course in the first place is a big job, and it takes a detail-oriented and experienced team to have it all come together just right. If your business is looking for a stress-free way to guarantee fantastic results on your online course project, our talented team would be happy to help.

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